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How to park in a handicapped parking and get away with it

Updated: Jul 6, 2018

The men came out of the building, turned on their car (that was parked in a spot for handicapped people) and backed out of the parking, and he took their place right in front of that blue and white handicapped sign. Should I tell him? Yes! Yes I should, the lump of words oozed out of my mouth, “You shouldn’t be parked here, it’s only for handicapped people.”

​​He responded with a laugh and a few jokes, I stared at him blankly and then I started laughing too! With that, I went inside the building with the files clutched in my hand and a perfectly healthy person parked in a handicapped parking spot

Would I have done the same? Would I have parked there too? It was the only parking spot left, and the weather was flaming! Still, it’s illegal, and more importantly unethical. Are we not principled enough? Why? Why do we not stick to our values? Why did I laugh at the jokes he made? And most importantly, why did I shake off the fact that he just parked in a parking spot specialized for those who are physically challenged. My mistake, next time, I shouldn't back down! Oh! WAIT it suddenly hit me... but... I mean...we are handicapped, right? After all, just look at our principles, they, are clearly disabled. 

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