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Injection procedure for houses 1-12

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

The melodies of your fraudulent benevolence forced the rhythmic motion of the steam as you scooped the rice into 12 plastic containers and assigned each a helpless chunk of chicken.

12 morphine syringes, filled to the brim, with their opioid contents ready to momentarily quench the thirst of your patients’ withdrawal symptoms.

Injection procedure for houses 1-12:

The telltale musty meatiness odors of mold greet you as you enter their battered cave.

Remove the needle cap from a syringe.

The steaming container meets your hands embellished with nails painted a classic French manicure, and looks up at your simulated smile, framed with bangs trimmed only last week.

Pinch a fold of their sheer film of adipose tissue on their arm.

You become Cheshire Cat striped with alternating colors of mischief and devilment as you lick your fingers dripping with the moment of you agonizingly twirling the container in front of Alice’s wide eyes.

Thrust the needle into the narrow fold at an angle of 45-degrees under their translucent skin.

Your eyes become leeches sucking slivers of dignity from their eyes as you hand them a container while the leeches continue to sear Y-shaped scars into their eyes.

Release the skin and push the syringe’s plunger at once to inject the morphine, when the tube empties, break off the needle leaving its tip entombed halfway into their skin.

Taking out your camera, they metamorphose into carnival animals, overdosed, high on morphine. They dance, and perform tricks for you as you whip them with the whiffs of chicken and rice coming from the plastic containers.

Use a cotton gauze to apply pressure for 10 seconds.

You go back to your car, 12 empty syringes are caressed by the palm of your hand, each with a broken needle nestled under an armband to remind them of the day we saved them the moment their misery began. Little do they know, in 7 hours the thin streams of morphine will fade, and they’d finally realize they’ve been played as morphine withdrawal symptoms creep back as they stare at the buried needle craving a chunk of chicken saturated with tomato marinade.

Dispose of the syringe.

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