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Updated: Nov 9, 2018

The radio was on, and the advertisements were buzzing. Three school advertisements played one after the other, and all of them highlighted how their school can develop your child into an outstanding English-speaking individual. One was about how a mom wanted her child to learn English, but she couldn't find any acceptable schools. Another went like this: Do you want your child to speak fluent English? The last one recorded the immense improvement of a boy speaking English before going to the advertised school, and after.

But what about speaking Arabic? 

Not one of the advertisements publicized that their school could develop your child into an outstanding Arabic-speaking individual. Not one of them had a mom wanting her child to learn Arabic. Not one of them went like this: Do you want your child to speak fluent Arabic? Not one of them had a boy or girl, who at the end of the advertisement said: !أنا أعلم كيف أتحدث اللغة العربية (I know how to speak Arabic!)

Of course there are countless other advertisements I haven't listened to, but why couldn't at least one of the three mention something about our mother language. Why do the creators of the advertisement have to think that what will make people get enrolled in their school is if they teach English properly? We must a given them something that made them think so. 

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