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Trends of history's repetition

Updated: Jul 10, 2018

The explanation of history as a reoccurring cycle was common during past cultures, and the explanation is still common among us today. However, despite its commonness, I never truly understood it until this morning when I was reading the newspaper.

This morning, I was reading the newspaper when came across an article regarding the thirteen demands that Saudi Arabia and several of its allies ordered Qatar to comply with to lift a de facto blockade. The Foreign Minister of Qatar responded to this demand by saying, "The list of demands is made to be rejected." After reading his statement, my mind raced to the humanities class when we talked about the Treaty of Versailles! It's the same concept because both "treaties" were meant to strip the countries' sovereignty! My mind also raced to other articles I read in the newspaper, the pictures of razed buildings and butchered children all around the Arab World. Shouldn't we be supporting each other now more than ever, when we worked as one machine we were so much stronger and so much more capable. Now we look at our differences. What happened to all our inventions, our ideas, the knowledge that we used to have? What happened to the times when we all used to sit in the House of Wisdom and share our stories of faraway lands we set foot on? I wonder when will we go back to how we were? How many degrading news articles do we have to read till we have to open our eyes and do something about it? I wonder will history ever repeat itself and take us to a Golden Age? An age like the one we had centuries ago?

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